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“It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

~  Samuel Adams

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Your candidate: Joseph Morgan.

“My passion for history, and especially the history of this, the greatest and freest nation the world has ever seen, has compelled me to take up call to be a public servant. I consider the greatest fortune of my life to have been born in the United States. My love of learning inevitably led me from an early age to politics and the ideas that formed this nation. What makes us so different? It is our ideals. No other nation has a Declaration of Independence like ours. No other group of men put down on paper for all to see, such a sweeping tribute to self-evident truth, and then fought to defend it and see it implemented.

If elected I will fight for and champion the just, natural prerogative of all my constituents, and all citizens of this country. I will work tirelessly to keep my constituents informed on issues, by informing myself, so they can both better direct me in my service to them, and better direct their lives as they see fit.”

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Thanks to all who came out to join us for our kick off event and to  meet and hear from the candidate. 2020 is a very important year, and while the Mueller investigation against Trump proved wrongdoing  not to exist, it’ll be an ongoing battle till he wins again, and we MUST make sure CD2 is, and stays, Great! Donate, Volunteer and Vote Joseph Morgan for Congress.

Watch HERE for new events and be sure to donate as you can: your time, your effort and monetary donations all help to keep our campaign on track to make and keep America great.

Thanks again for all your support and help.

Joseph is grateful for all who came out to greet and meet him and hear his 2020 Kick Off announcement. He invites everyone to all his events so you can be updated on his stand on issues, and his ideas for working with President Trump.


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Is your involvement important? ABSOLUTELY. We need, and invite, citizens as participants in our campaign. Our goal is to reach as many voters as possible with timely and accurate information about our campaign and our positions. Your valued donation will help us to meet our goals and bring better government to our district and our country. Right now we are continuing to build our team and we look forward to working with you.


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Informed voters make better voters. We want you to be as informed as possible on all the important issues. Joseph’s stand on those issues is posted here for your review. If you have issues important to you, we’d like to know about them so we can research them and find the answers that affect your life.

More on Issues


Be sure to CLICK HERE to sign the AZ petition to add Joseph’s name to the 2020 election ballot.


Open communication between candidates and constituents is paramount to the cause of freedom. We invite you to attend and participate in as many events as possible. As we start to schedule events, you can click the calendar above for our calendar with locations, times and details.

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